VIDEO: Bystanders Come to Aid of Assaulted Florida Deputy

Three men, all strangers, stopped to help a Polk County, Fla., sheriff's deputy coming under attack on the side of the road Sunday morning, reports fox35orlando.

Dep. Mike Walsh was on motor patrol when he stopped Corey Johnson, who had just blown through a stop sign and almost hit the deputy.

"The guy slammed the door out on the deputy and then jumped at him and just started wailing and hitting him across the head and just beating him," said George Cooper, who stopped to help. He said Johnson kept grabbing for the deputy's gun belt, but Cooper pulled the suspect off of the deputy, and Johnson ran off.

Antonio Velazquez, Cooper, and a third Good Samaritan rushed to stop Johnson and help Deputy Walsh. The three men worked together until other deputies showed up and arrested Johnson.

Johnson has been arrested seven times in the past. He is now facing several new charges including aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence, and driving while license suspended or revoked.

Deputy Walsh is recovering. He had several cuts and bruises, along with a broken thumb.