VIDEO: Dallas Officers' Families Call on City Leaders to Give Officers More Security

Families of some Dallas police officers called on city leaders Thursday afternoon to pony up more money to keep officers safe, reports the Dallas Morning News.

At a news conference Thursday at the Dallas Police Association headquarters, the spouses and children of officers said they worry about their family members in uniform. They said police deserve more funding after the shooting of headquarters in June and in the midst of what they said was an anti-police climate promoted by "the national media."

The family members declined to provide their last names at the news conference, saying they feared retaliation.

But a man named Paul, whose wife is a 23-year veteran of the department, echoed the association's call to withhold officers' names after shootings by police.

They also asked for city officials to provide body camera funding so officers are never caught in he-said, she-said situations.

Police are trying to find funding for body cameras to pay for a five-year, $3.7 million contract that will equip 1,000 officers with the gadgets. The association has called for all officers to be given the cameras immediately.