Photo: -X-Spand Target Systems

Photo: -X-Spand Target Systems

-X-Spand Target Systems targets utilize a distinctive paper design, allowing you to use a single target or multiple target formations for a versatile and diversified firearms training, testing, or competition tool.

-X-Spand Target Systems offers unlimited applications for law enforcement, military, S.W.A.T., special forces, sniper tactics and elite weapons training. With our targets you can design infinite tactical combat scenarios. Train with elite weapons to control and contain rapid-fire bursts with semi, triple and full-automatic capabilities. Improve your sniper tactical training to extreme ranges of accuracy. Expandable zero point of aim with multiple CQC scenarios creating multiple rapid fire formations in horizontal vertical or circular succession. Also train in hostile neutral combat scenarios with -X-Spand Target Systems.

-X-Spand Target Systems allow the shooter to utilize all types of optical/open and laser sighting systems; sighting, zeroing, bore sighting, de-canting day and night training. Use with night vision scopes, training with illuminated reticules dots, etc. Simulated silhouettes for defined center of mass, exclusive scoring system for qualifying shoots, and competition scoring for easy record keeping. Enhance skills for speed accuracy precision and variable range performance.

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