IDGA will debut its inaugural Smart Policing Summit this April 27–29 in Washington, D.C. The event will host law enforcement agencies and research firms in an open forum to discuss tactics and techniques to decrease crime and increase case closure rates.

"We're glad to launch this event, and we have shaped the program to provide actionable intelligence on Smart Policing tactics and technologies based on research and case studies" said Dina Aly, Event Director for the Smart Policing Summit.

Representatives from the CNA, Police Executive Research Forum, and senior law enforcement professionals from police departments in Washington, D.C.; San Diego, Calif.; Austin, Texas; Pullman, Wash.; and Michigan State, among others, will be in attendance. Advancements in smart policing initiatives and modern technology adoption that will be critical in ensuring police and citizen safety will be top discussion points. The agenda is available for download on the event website,

"No one person, agency, or company has all the best ideas. Sharing good ideas that work allow all of us to benefit from the experience of others. Sharing new and future technologies will serve to enhance law enforcement effectiveness and, therefore, public safety in our communities," said Gary Jenkins, Chief of the Pullman (Wash.) Police Department. Jenkins is one of the speakers at the summit and will be discussing The Pullman, Wash., Smart Policing Initiative, along with David A. Makin from the Washington State Institute for Criminal Justice.

The event will showcase the benefits and issues facing law enforcement while they strive to implement new technologies and tactics. The three-day event begins with a Police Technology Modernization workshop day to focus on the increasing case-closure rates and reducing crime with the use of the latest technology in law enforcement including body-worn cameras, UAS, biometrics technology, and gunshot location systems. It will be followed by a two-day summit and networking activities. The main summit days will focus on strategies to increase case-closure rates, gang crime reduction and intervention utilizing community partnerships, conducting research on innovative, evidence-based, crime reduction strategies and more.

The event is sponsored by Blue-Chip UAS, Digital Ally Inc., and IBM, who will showcase their solutions and expertise at the event. "We are thrilled to be participating in the Smart Policing Summit," said Clint Stevens, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Blue-Chip UAS. "Leveraging our extensive UAS experience, we offer consulting, program development and training, tailored to the specific individual needs of law enforcement agencies. We look forward to showcasing our expertise to attendees from across North America."

The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) is co-hosting the event with the Defence IQ, Military Police Regimental Association,, LEIT Network, Unmanned Systems Technology, GovEvents, Counter Terrorist Magazine, ASDReports, Defense Systems Journal, and Planet Biometrics.

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