VIDEO: Ohio Officer Shot, Suspect Hit by Police SUV

A Newark, Ohio, police officer was shot and a suspect hit by a police vehicle during a high-risk warrant service operation Wednesday.

Newark Police Chief Steven Sarver told the Columbus Dispatch the incident began when officers from the city’s special-operations group attempted to make an arrest using a warrant at a residence on Union St. just after noon.

The man inside recently had been released from federal prison, where he had served time for counterfeiting. He was suspected of printing phony bills again in the residence.

While officers were getting ready to approach the house, the man came outside and drove off.

Several uniformed and plainclothes officers tried to box his car in to arrest him, and the man jumped out of the car and fired a revolver at police, striking the one officer. He then ran across a parking lot.

A short pursuit followed, and as police closed in, the man turned and pointed a gun at a plainclothes detective following in an unmarked SUV, Sarver said. The detective rammed the man with his vehicle.

Officer Jarrod Conley was shot in his left arm and is expected to recover. The suspect, 27-year-old Randall Hutchison, was also injured. WBNS-10TV reports his condition has not been released.

NBC4 Columbus reports that the suspect had repeatedly told associated that he would rather die than go back to prison.

"We had previous information that this suspect would kill a police officer and that he wouldn't go back to jail," said Chief Steven Sarver, of the Newark Police Department. "He told one of our own officers that he knew how he was going to die and it would be by being shot by a police officer."