VIDEO: Washington Officers Shoot, Arrest Drug Suspect

The Grant County, Wash., Prosecutor's Office has released dashboard camera footage and surveillance from the September 5 officer-involved shooting at a Moses Lake strip mall that landed one person in the hospital.

Moses Lake Police were investigating Roberto Escamilla Mendoza, 36, for manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine. An informant was used to set up a drug deal with Mendoza at Lep-re-kon Harvest Foods as part of a police operation, KXLY TV.

Dash cam video from a Moses Lake police patrol vehicle shows an unmarked, black patrol vehicle pulling up behind a maroon sedan driven by Mendoza. Several other marked and unmarked patrol vehicles follow. The officer from the unmarked black patrol car, 16-year veteran Sgt. Brian Jones, gets out of his car and attempts to talk with Mendoza. Surveillance video from the strip mall parking lot shows Mendoza's car go into reverse, hitting two patrol cars. Sgt. Jones opened fire on Mendoza's car, firing twice and hitting Mendoza.

Mendoza tried to drive forward, but stopped a short time later. An officer in street clothes and a uniformed officer order Mendoza to the ground and arrested him. In the dash cam footage the wound from where Mendoza was host can be seen on his right side as he's being ordered to the ground.