VIDEO: Dallas Officers, Business Owners March to Support Fired Officer

More than 100 Dallas police officers and business owners marched to City Hall Wednesday, demanding that Officer Jesus Martinez be reinstated on the force.

Martinez was fired after cell phone video was released, showing him sitting on top of a man named Joe Wesson, an alleged panhandler, last summer in Deep Ellum. Martinez is seen yanking Wesson's arm over his head several times. Wesson, in handcuffs, doesn't appear to be resisting.

A police report states that Martinez claimed Wesson swung at him and ripped his uniform, forcing him to use pepper spray. Martinez has been charged with official oppression for excessive use of force. An internal investigation last month led to him being fired.

Officers and business owners say Wesson has a long history of resisting arrest.

"He (Martinez) was attacked by this guy, maced this guy, and then was blinded by his own mace and was holding on until cover arrived," Richard Todd, president of Fraternal Order of Police, told WFAA TV.