VIDEO: Campus Detective Stabbed, Atlanta Officer Shoots Attacker

A Georgia State University detective was stabbed with a butcher knife and his attacker was shot by an Atlanta patrol officer Wednesday. The incident occurred in a downtown Atlanta park.

"He ran into another officer and they struggled," witness Barry told CBS 46. "That's when she (officer) knew it was time to put him down because somebody is about to get cut. By that time the other officer moved out the way and then she put him down."

According to John Chafee with Atlanta police, an Atlanta police officer, later identified as Toni Richardson, tried to stop a man who appeared to be drinking in Woodruff Park.

The man continued to walk and was eventually stopped by a Georgia State University police officer who was in plain clothes, according to Chafee. The man was stopped outside the GSU police station.

Chafee said that the man pulled out a large butcher knife and assaulted the GSU officer with it.

Officer Richardson, who originally tried to stop the man in the park, shot the man with the knife after he assaulted the GSU officer.

The man with the knife and the GSU officer were both taken to the hospital in stable condition, according to Chafee. The officer was later released and sent home.