VIDEO: San Diego UC Officer Claims Mistreatment by Deputies

A San Diego Police detective says that last August, while he was working undercover, he was mistreated by deputies of the San Diego County Sheriff. 

San Diego PD Det. Israel Hernandez told KUSI (Watch Video Here.) his wife was treated rudely after being pulled over for a speeding ticket by a Sheriff's deputy in Oceanside.

After his wife and daughter called him, Hernandez drove up to the intersection where he didn't find his wife. But he did find a deputy and asked him what had happened. He says he explained the situation, identified himself as an on-duty undercover officer, and was motioned to "move on" by the deputy. As he was driving away, the deputy came up on his motorcycle and ordered him to pull over.

"He's all 'are you armed?' And I said 'yes, I am.' He approaches me, grabs me, told me 'turn around, now put your hands behind your back' and the other deputy comes in and they both handcuff me. I'm handcuffed."

Hernandez says he was ordered to sit on the curb. He asked to speak to a supervisor, but instead of a supervisor, other deputies showed up.

"Another deputy showed up, stood back next to me and basically said (an expletive in Spanish)."

Hernandez says the deputies searched his unmarked police car, and then to his shock, the deputies made him take a breathalyzer test.

Hernandez says he blew 0.00 and was allowed to go; no charges were filed. But he wrote a letter of complaint. A response from the Sheriff's Department came a few days later saying it would not initiate an investigation.

Thursday, after the story broke, the Sheriff's Department told KUSI it needed more time to look into the details of this complaint.