Today, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) announced its full support for the leader of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and slammed the Marijuana Policy Project's (MPP) petition that calls for President Obama to replace her. According to FLEOA, the pot‐loving MPP group concluded that Administrator Leonhart should be replaced because she allegedly disagreed with comments made by President Obama.

Dismissing the MPP's petition as delusional nonsense, FLEOA National President Jon Adler stated, "Administrator Leonhart is one of the best law enforcement leaders in our country, and she continues to do a commendable job leading the premiere agency that enforces our nation's drug laws." Regarding MPP's petition, Adler added, "So what's next from the MPP? Start a petition to fire all life guards for preventing you from drowning in a stupor?"

Countering the MPP's criticism of Administrator Leonhart, FLEOA pointed to the DEA's impressive record in dismantling drug trafficking organizations and seizing millions of dollars in illicit drug proceeds. FLEOA dismissed the argument that legalizing marijuana will bring tax revenue to our economy. "We do not subscribe to the 'smoke a doobie and balance the budget' economic theory," stated Adler.


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