VIDEO: Wride Family Pushing for Bulletproof Windshields

Utah County Sheriff’s Officer Sgt. Cory Wride was shot and killed in the line of duty nearly two weeks ago. Nannette Wride said her husband didn't have to die and believes he would still be alive today if his police cruiser's windshield was bullet proof, reports fox13now. Their oldest son Nathan Mohler wants every law enforcement officer in the country to have bullet-proof protection and says he'll do everything he can to get President Obama's attention, but he needs the public's help.

"He was big on integrity, he was honorable and courageous, he loved the Lord, but he loved being a police officer, he loved serving people," said Nannette Wride, whose husband died Jan. 30. "There were seven shots, shot at his car. Three of them went through the windshield. Two of them hit him, one him right here, one went through his artery in his neck so he was instantly dead but it didn't have to happen."

Nannette Wride and Mohler started an online petition at called "Protect our law enforcement from being shot like Sgt. Cory Wride." Nannette Wride and Mohler want every police cruiser to have a bullet-proof windshield and windows.

The petition needs 100,000 online signatures to get the President’s attention. They have around 6,000 signatures and they have until March 7, less than 30 days, to reach their goal.