VIDEO: Thousands Attend Memorial for Slain Phoenix Officer

More than 3,000 mourners packed the Christ Church of the Valley in Peoria, Ariz., to honor Phoenix Det. John Hobbs, including police officers and elected officials from throughout the state.

Hobbs was shot and killed by murder suspect William Ray Thornton last Monday afternoon. The suspect also shot and wounded Det. Albert Casados. Thornton was killed in the shootout.

Phoenix Police Chief Daniel V. Garcia said the mourners had come to remember a man whose passions included his friends, his family and most of all, his work with Phoenix police.

“John loves to hunt down criminals,” Garcia said. “John knew that if a person could find his passion he could make a difference.”

Hobbs’ interment was scheduled later Monday afternoon at Phoenix Memorial Park, the Arizona Republic reports.

As the procession followed the 10-mile route from the church to the graveside service, supporters hung signs from freeway overpasses that read “hero” and fire trucks were stopped along the route with firefighters holding American flags.

Officers attending the memorial came from as far away as Newark and Chicago.


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