The latest issue of al-Qaida's Inspire magazine urges lone-wolf terrorists to detonate car bombs in New York City and includes a photo of Times Square, police officials told Newsday.

The spring edition of the Internet-based, Western-aimed propaganda magazine, which officials say inspired the Boston Marathon bombers, contains instructions on how to build larger, more powerful car bombs than used in the past.

"The new edition of Inspire has instructions on a new larger device, if I understand it correctly," NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said Wednesday at a Police Athletic League function. "And among the photos and the encouragement of where to attack there is a photo of Times Square, 47th and Broadway."

One section -- headlined "Car Bombs Inside America" -- encourages jihadists to plant bombs at large public gatherings such as sporting events and political rallies. America is listed as the primary target, but attacks on Great Britain, France and other "crusading" countries are also encouraged.