VIDEO: Ala. Officer Allegedly Fired Over Quotas

A former Auburn (Ala.) Police officer tells Reason Magazine he was fired for speaking out about the agency's enforcement quotas that required officers to make 100 contacts per month.

Justin Hanners told the publication that former Chief Tommy Dawson, who arrived in 2010, told the Opelika-Auburn News he had "to have two tickets a day and two warnings a day on average and if we didn't have it, we wouldn't get promoted, we would get bad evaluations and if we continued to not do it, we would get written up and ultimately fired."

Hanners recorded several briefings, including one where Sgt. Trey Neal tells officers, "Do not be the one that does not get 100."

Hanners told Reason he followed the grievance process and was eventually fired for violating a gag order. He hopes to get his job back.