VIDEO: Deadly Force on Colo. Pit Bull

The neighbor who reported an aggressive pit bull is questioning a Commerce City (Colo.) Police officer's use of deadly force on the animal.

Kenny Collins called animal control on Saturday after he noticed his neighbor's garage door open and the dog, named Chloe, standing on the driveway. One of Collins' family members began filming as two officers and an animal-control officer responded to deal with the situation.

In the raw clip, officers can be seen attempting to contact the owner, as the dog stands at the edge of the garage. One officer can then be seen retrieving a catch pole from a police vehicle to control the dog.

One officer twice TASERs the animal, who then retreats into the garage. The dog attempts to escape, and the officer lassoes the animal with the catch pole. The second officer then fires five shots, striking and killing the dog.

In an interview with CBS Denver, Collins said he regretted calling animal control, even though pit bulls are banned in the city.

"The dog wasn't aggressive until it was Tased," Collins said.

Watch the full unedited video of the incident courtesy of WGRZ here.