VIDEO: Tenn. Trooper Ignored Crash

The Tennessee Highway Patrol has terminated one of its troopers, who failed to help a driver who had crashed during a pursuit.

Trooper Charles Van Morgan deliberately drove past Gordon Kyle Anito, 20, after Anito's wreck was captured on Morgan's dash cam on Nov. 26. Trooper Van Morgan didn't stop to help and didn't go back to the scene until another officer spotted the wrecked car in flames, reports the Knoxville News Sentinel.

When interviewed by highway patrol investigators, Trooper Van Morgan said, "I got out and got my fire extinguisher just to make it look good. I knew he was dead, but you, you got to do that for the media and everyone else. I was just trying to put on a show."

This week, Anito's parents filed a $10 million wrongful-death lawsuit against Morgan and the Tennessee Highway Patrol in federal court this week.