The Bell Helicopter Training Academy (BTA) has launched a new Tactical Flight Officer course for officers, the company has announced.

The two-part Bell Helicopter Tactical Flight Officer course includes an online academic session and resident hands-on training that presents officers with the "practical skills and active engagement needed for aerial mission success in a safe and controlled environment," according to a release.

"Bell Helicopter's Tactical Flight Officer course allows our customers to train effective crews in a safe environment without expending valuable department assets or budgeted patrol flight hours," said Trey Wade, director of the Bell Helicopter Training Academy.

The online academic session covers topics such as an introduction to airborne law enforcement; helicopter safety and operations; crew resource management and mission decision-making; helicopter systems; basic helicopter operations; aeromedical factors; aeromedical knowledge; night operations and introduction to patrol; and tactical (emergency) procedures.

The course is conducted at the Bell Helicopter Training Academy in Fort Worth, Texas, and includes a FILR-equipped Flight Training Device (FTD) to provide realistic, action-based scenarios in a various environmental conditions. An FTD allows tactical flight officers and pilots to coordinate training in operations such as confined area approach, obstacle clearance, inadvertent IMC procedures and instrument approach procedures.

"This new course was created with the tactical flight officer in mind, providing them with aviation and mission-specific training that compliments their existing law enforcement skills and greatly enhances flight safety and mission success," Wade added.