VIDEO: NYPD Cops Tell Wall Street Protesters To Disperse

NYPD officers arrested nearly 800 Wall Street protesters who refused to disperse from the traffic lanes of the Brooklyn Bridge after repeated warnings on Saturday.

In two videos released by the NYPD, officers are seen using bullhorns to inform protesters that they'll be arrested if they don't leave the bridge.

In the first video, protesters heading toward the bridge are seen chanting, "This is what democracy looks like" and "Take the bridge."

In the second video that was shot on the bridge, a captain is heard saying, "Ladies and gentleman, since you have refused to leave this roadway I'm ordering your arrest for disorderly conduct."

The arrests capped two weeks of escalating tensions between the Occupy Wall Street protesters and NYPD officers. The protesters began demonstrating against social economic inequality and corporate greed two weeks ago in Zuccotti Park. Many of the protesters who had been arrested returned to the park on Sunday after being released from jail.

Tensions had been mounting, following a Sept. 24 incident when Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna pepper-sprayed several female protesters.

Source: New York Daily News.


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