More than 80 police officers from 40 departments around the U.S. will participate in the Vectrix Electric Motorcycle Challenge from April 28-30. The event will raise funds for the Spokes4Hope charity for abused children.

The event is hosted by electric vehicle manufacturer Vectrix LLC and John Wright Associates, its Arlington, Texas, distributor. The Grandview (Texas) Police Department is also hosting the event.

The officer riders will compete on Vectrix VX-1 lithium-powered electric vehicles in a special competition designed to demonstrate their merit and agility.

The event will benefit the children's charity Spokes4Hope, whose mission is to help brighten the lives of abused children. Spokes4Hope works with many children's advocacy centers across Texas that are dedicated to finding a more compassionate and effective way to bring services to children victimized by abuse. Spokes4Hope raises funds to provide the children with bicycles during the Christmas holiday.

The event will include an eight-hour refresher course in police motor patrol skills and competition course practice runs. Vectrix now offers its VX-1 with two new lithium battery options. The VX-1 Li is a 30-amp-hour battery, and the VX-1 Li+ is a 42-amp-hour battery. At an estimated electrical recharge cost of one cent per mile, the VX-1 Li and Li+ reduce operating costs while increasing public safety patrol efficiency.

The VX-1 is powerful and fast and offers superior handling due to a low center of gravity, stiff frame, and even weight distribution. With a curb weight of 425 pounds (193 kg) for the VX-1 Li and 460 pounds (209 kg) for the VX-1 Li+, both bikes are capable of speeds up to 68 mph (110 km/h) and the VX-1 Li has a range of up to 40 to 60 miles (64 to 96 km) and the VX-1 Li+ has a range of up to 55–85 miles (88 to 136 km), depending on factors such as terrain and weight.

"Vectrix is very proud to be associated with this incredible charity event. Our Texas-based Fleet distributor John Wright Associates and the Grand View Police Department are to be congratulated for their vision and willingness to make children's lives better through events like the 'Spring Classic' Rodeo," says Brian Buccella, Vectrix vice president of sales and marketing. "We are excited that the Vectrix VX-1 Li/Li+ is the vehicle of choice for the main event, the head-to-head police motor skills competition. For public safety agencies throughout the world, the Vectrix VX-1 Li and Li+ is an ideal patrol vehicle since they are 100 percent electric—no gas, no oil, and no gas emissions. This enables police departments and other public safety agencies to get years of simple, low-cost operation and minimal annual maintenance."