The Bellevue (Wash.) Police Department has added a T3 Motion Law Enforcement vehicle to more effectively patrol the city's downtown core.

The Bellevue Police Foundation donated the $13,166 to fund the purchase.

The T3, which was deployed earlier this month, is an electric vehicle for community policing, specialized patrol, and urban enforcement. The Bellevue PD will deploy the T3 in areas where officers need to respond quickly but pedestrian traffic and the layout of the area would impede larger vehicles.

Weighing in at about 300 pounds, the T3 is a three-wheel, chariot-like vehicle with a carrying capacity of 450 pounds. It has a zero-degree turning radius, can reach 18 mph, and is good for a 10-hour shift or longer before recharging the battery. The vehicle arrived with red and blue police lights and siren. It is rated similar to a bicycle, so it can ride on the road and sidewalks. Helmets are required.

"People see us on it and stop us," said Cpl. Gary Cook of the downtown squad. "They are curious and think it's cool."