Gamber-Johnson has introduced a new console box designed for the 2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit.

The new console box is a low-profile console box that attaches directly to the Dodge Charger Police Package without the need to order a separate top plate or vehicle leg kit. It ships fully assembled.

The molded-dash filler panels finish the console box giving it a sleek appearance that blends in with the car's aesthetics. The top mounting platform allows a computer to be center mounted or offset towards the passenger side that can also be used to further offset a computer.

"When designing the Dodge Charger Vehicle Specific Console Box, we wanted to maximize the space in the cabin of the vehicle and securely mount everything that the officer needs in the console to efficiently do their job," according to Tom O'Brien, Gamber-Johnson's product manager. "The low profile design allows the officer the ability to egress the vehicle in an emergency situation."

Product components of the Dodge Charger Full Console Box include:

  • Removable top plate and center brace for ease of radio installation and wiring routing.
  • Five fasteners for mounting the console box allows for quick installation.
  • Vertical, angled section accommodates 6 inches of mounting space and is designed to house full size radios.
  • Horizontal, low profile section accommodates 13.5 inches of mounting space without an internal cup holder (9 inches with an internal cup holder) and is designed to house radio control heads and accessories.
  • Total of five, 12-volt knock-outs are designed into the console box (4 on the back and 1 on the driver side). Ability to relocate the vehicles MP3 and USB inputs from the stock console using the knock-outs on the passenger side of the console box.
  • Box will ship fully assembled (except for the dash filler panels, which are mounted on-site).
  • Heavy gauge steel, fully welded for long-term durability.
  • There are two versions of the Dodge Charger Full Console Box. Both include all faceplates and filler panels. One version of the console also comes with an armrest and internal dual cup holders (Item No. 7160-0327) and the other version is just the console box (Item No. 7160-0326).


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