Code 3's new 21TR and 21TR Plus lightbar models feature Torus LED technology in a Code 3 2100 lightbar package, providing enhanced directional and off-angle performance.

The standard 21TR delivers the same features as the 2100 lightbar, while the 21TR Plus provides a more customizable lightbar for those needing additional lighting capabilities and options.

The 21TR features basic central controller operations and the 21TR Plus features a deluxe central controller with 23 flash-pattern selections, a Narrowstik function, and corner cruise.

Flashing LED takedowns, alleys, and a halogen or LED 940 flasher are standard on the 21TR Plus, but optional on the 21TR. The 21TR is also available in a variety of configurations, which include 3-up and 4-up directional Torus light heads, as well as 6-up corners.

Both models are 12.25 inches wide and 2.1 inches high, and feature a dimming mode, standard clear lenses, and a 5 year warranty on LED modules. The 21TR and 21TR Plus also meet applicable SAE, NFPA, and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured.