When the 2011 Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) begins production later this year, Chevrolet will be the only brand to offer a full line of police vehicles, including the front-wheel-drive Impala, the Tahoe PPV, the industry's only SUV designed for police, including high-speed emergency vehicle operations, and the V-8 powered, rear-wheel-drive Caprice PPV.

"Among  the Caprice PPV, the Tahoe PPV and the Impala, we provide a full range of vehicles and features for police fleet needs," said Brian Small, executive director, GM Fleet and Commercial Operations. 

GMNA vice president of Chevrolet marketing, Jim Campbell added, "We are confident that Chevrolet is offering the strongest and best equipped products to support the critical jobs of police men and women."  

Caprice PPV

The all-new Chevrolet Caprice PPV full-size police sedan will enter the market in 2011. It will offer both V-8 and V-6 engines, as well as a host of specialized equipment and features:


  • Standard head curtain airbag for the front seat only that allows a full width prisoner partition.
  • Optional head curtain airbag available for front and rear seats.
  • Designed for five-passenger seating, as the upper-center section of the dashboard can be utilized for equipment mounting, without the concern of air bag deployment interference.
  • Specially designed front seats sculptured for gun belts are made with high wear material and also have a seat back security panel.


  • A 6.0L V-8 engine with 355 horsepower and 384 lb.-ft. torque, includes fuel-saving Active Fuel Management technology and E85 capability. A V-6 engine will also be available, beginning in the 2012 model year.
  • 6-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission.
  • Standard limited slip differential
  • StabiliTrak with police performance mode is standard to enhance stability.
  • Large, four-wheel disc brakes with heavy-duty brake pads standard.
  • Standard engine oil, transmission, and power steering coolers.


  • Standard 18-inch steel wheels.
  • Trunk volume large enough to accommodate a full-size spare tire under a flat load surface in the trunk storage area.
  • Two trunk-mounted batteries; one to power the vehicle and the other  an available auxiliary battery for accessory equipment.
  • Optional trunk mat made with heavy-duty vinyl and a molded edge, helps contain spills.


  • A fuel tank capacity of approximately 19 gallons or 71.6 liters.
  • A tight turning diameter, from curb to curb, of 38.06 feet or 11.4 meters, with a ground clearance of 5.6 inches or 142.2 millimeters.
  • A speedometer certified to 160-mph, analog.
  • Long wheelbase of 118.5 inches or 3009.0 millimeters contributes to its spacious feeling.  
  • A larger interior volume - 112 cubic feet / 3,172 liters - than the Ford Crown Victoria, including over  4 inches (101 mm) more rear legroom, with an overall length of 204.2 inches (5,186.1 mm), an overall width of 74.75 inches (1,898.7 mm)  and an overall height of 58.66 inches (1,489.95 mm).

A full list of vehicle specifications and additional information about the Caprice PPV can be found at the recently updated Web site, www.chevroletcapriceppv.com, under "Investigate".

The Chevrolet Tahoe PPV

Chevrolet offers the Tahoe Police vehicle, the industry's only SUV specifically designed and tuned for police use up to and including high-speed emergency vehicle operations. The Tahoe PPV allows for special needs and applications, as well as patrol duties, and comes with a heavy-duty suspension and auxiliary-vented front brakes—designed specifically for police use.

Chevrolet also recently announced that the Tahoe Police 2WD vehicle was found to have the lowest lifecycle cost in the law enforcement market by Vincentric, a company specializing in the area of automobile lifecycle analysis. The Vincentric law enforcement vehicle market analysis measured 20 mileage/lifecycle timeframes and the Tahoe Police 2WD enjoyed the lowest lifecycle cost in the majority of scenarios.  

The lifecycle computation analysis evaluated seven factors: depreciation expense, fuel costs, finance costs, opportunity costs, maintenance costs, repair costs, and insurance costs. When these seven factors were analyzed for 2010 police models of the Chevrolet Tahoe 2WD, Chevrolet Impala, Ford Crown Victoria, and Dodge Charger, it was the Chevrolet Tahoe's strong residual value that helped lead it  to the top position in the evaluation.  

"Our intent with any of our fleet lifecycle cost analyses is to provide guidance to all types of fleet buyers, including small businesses, large commercial fleets and police and other government organizations," said David Wurster, president of Vincentric. "By looking at as many different mileage/lifecycle timeframe scenarios as possible, we're able to account for a wide variety of driving and ownership patterns and provide an independent, solid foundation to accurately evaluate the lifecycle costs of fleet vehicles."

Chevrolet Impala

At an EPA-estimated 20 MPG in combined city/highway rating, the Impala is unmatched in its fuel economy, offering an efficient, front-wheel drive option for municipalities and police departments nationwide.

Beyond fuel economy, the Impala police vehicle also offers the lowest MSRP in the police segment. Ownership lifecycle cycle costs are lower than the Ford Crown Victoria and Dodge Charger, according to the Vincentric analysis of 2010 model year police vehicles. Overall, the Chevy Impala police vehicle offers a solid value for police forces faced with tight government budgets.