Ford brought its new Police Interceptor to NAFA's 2010 Institute & Expo this week in Detroit to show fleet managers from around the country the vehicle that will replace Ford's CVPI for patrol at the end of the year.

The concept version of the vehicle includes anti-stab plates in the front seats, vinyl rear seats, available ballistic door panels, and the ability to withstand a 75-mile-per-hour crash. It also includes Digital Ally's DVM-750 digital in-car video system.

Ford requested this model from Digital Ally to use in the concept because the unit takes up no extra space in the headliner, console, trunk or dash. Since most police cruisers are already limited on space, the DVM-750 helps the department make the most of the space available for their equipment, according to the company.

Digital Ally's DVM-750 digital in-car video system includes features such as the VoiceVault advanced wireless microphone with extended range, and the ability to save audio to on-board memory when the microphone is out of range of the video system; two-camera simultaneous recording; three-channel audio recording; D1 (720x480) high-resolution video; sunlight-visible monitor; electronic locking door with PIN; and an internal battery backup.