Fourteen Dallas Police officers including a supervisor will face disciplinary measures for their role in a high-speed pursuit of carjacking suspects in May 2009, the Dallas Morning News reports.

The investigation revealed that officers, who were pursuing a carjacking suspect during rush-hour traffic, were not in compliance with the agency's pursuit policy that is one of the most strict in the country.

Here's an excerpt of one officer's role:

Police Officer Jerry Hornback, a nearly five-year veteran, drove on sidewalks, through an active school zone at 63 miles an hour and on the inside shoulder of Interstate 30. His top speed on a city street was 81 mph and on the freeway was 117 mph, the highest speed recorded among all the officers. Hornback also pursued the vehicle the wrong way down a one-way street. Hornback told investigators that he behaved as he did because he believed another officer's life might be in danger.

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