Pittsburgh Police Officer Janine Triolo survived a physical attack from a robbery suspect by shooting him in the chest, after his own weapon jammed when he pointed it at her face, the department announced.

During a Friday press conference, Chief Nate Harper and other members of the command staff released additional details of Triolo's harrowing encounter from Wednesday night reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The incident began, when Triolo spotted Ryan Davis, 20, who matched the description of a suspect who had robbed a man at gunpoint near Schenley High School.

Triolo, 28, told Davis to put his hands on a wall and as she patted him down, the officer noticed him drawing his arms in toward his waist. She handcuffed his right hand, then Davis spun around and punched her in the face.

Davis knocked the officer down, straddled her, and began hitting her with the handcuffs, his fists and a 9mm Ruger pistol he carried. The handgun malfunctioned when he pointed it at the officer.

Davis tried to grab Triolo's pistol, but her holster's locking mechanism kept it in place. She then unholstered her weapon and shot him.

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