Woolrich Elite Series Tactical announced its sponsorship of the National Center for Corrections Special Operations (NCCSO) Corrections Officer Survival for Women program, the first training course addressing unique challenges that confront female corrections officers.

Three thousand women will have the opportunity to train free of charge at the advanced training facility at the Maryland House of Correction beginning in August.

The NCCSO will run 42 courses in 18 months focusing on emergency response scenarios, ranging from tactical firearms in corrections settings to hostage rescue, from both minor and major riot control to high-risk prisoner transport.

“As the numbers of female officers rapidly increase, so does the need for female specific training for officer safety and survival,” said Ron Bernstine, sales manager of Woolrich Elite Series Tactical. “We understand the female tactical community is faced with a unique set of challenges and we are committed to providing our support; first with the introduction of our women’s tactical pant earlier this year, and now through the sponsorship of the first female specific training course. We are proud to enhance our partnership with Joseph Garcia and the United States Corrections Special Operations Group, who is playing a key role in providing the best possible training for women,” continued Bernstine.

These courses meet the needs of correctional facilities’ emergency preparedness units. The programs will run 24 hours a day, incorporating training in low light or dark settings to mimic actual response tactics. The Jessup facility is one million square feet and sits on approximately 800 acres of land, especially suited to meet the training needs of any department in any scenario.

“Women in corrections special operations often find themselves in extremely threatening situations because they are smaller in stature and are in a male dominated environment,” said STL Joseph Garcia. “Thanks to Woolrich’s unmatched dedication to the corrections community, we are able to develop and offer female specific curriculum free of charge.”

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About US C-SOG

US C-SOG has been serving the global corrections prison special operations community for a decade and a half. US C-SOG has prison combat experienced operators, instructors, and leadership. US C-SOG is a global corrections special operations leader within the corrections community. US C-SOG is the nation’s largest private government contractor specializing in corrections in the United States.

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