Force 911 completed the installation of 30 hybrid propane fuel systems for the Jackson County (Ga.) Sheriff's Department. The fuel conversions create a dual fuel system in each vehicle, allowing it to run on traditional gasoline or propane gas. The county was able to purchase the propane fuel systems using seized drug funds.

Jackson County Sheriff's department began converting all of its vehicles in March 2009. According to Sheriff Stan Evans, "Jackson County has seen a reduction in overall gasoline expense after installing propane. The long-term benefits of converting to a propane system outweigh the minimal installation costs. Propane costs less than regular unleaded gasoline and it qualifies for government tax credits due to alternative energy initiatives."

Regarding the practicality of propane, Sheriffs Evans says, "From a usability standpoint, it is very easy to refuel with propane. The pumping time is comparable to gasoline, which means we are not slowed down when needing to refuel our vehicles."

Propane offers several other advantages such as extended engine life and reduced emissions. Wayne Abbs, president of Force 911, says, "We've started offering hybrid propane fuel conversions to law enforcement agencies because of the reduction in operating costs for vehicles using this technology."

Abbs adds, "Many departments are naturally worried that conversions will sacrifice vehicle performance. But most notice no difference in vehicle performance when engaging the car's propane system. Plus, propane decreases the number of oil changes required. This is a huge benefit to law enforcement agencies that incur high mileage and helps to reduce their service expense."

According to the National Propane Gas Association (, propane has the longest driving range of all clean burning fuel alternatives, fleets report two to three times longer service life, and small tanks result in lighter weight loads.

Force 911 knows safety is a primary concern for law enforcement agencies. "This is tested technology," says Abbs. "According to the National Propane Gas Association, approved propane vehicle tanks are 20 times as puncture resistant as gasoline tanks. It also has the lowest flammability out of all the alternative fuels."

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