Gamber-Johnson, an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of rugged docking stations and vehicle mounting solutions, announces the release of a new Locking Slide Arm, the Mongoose - a rugged mounting solution for cradles and docking stations.

The Mongoose was developed using extensive research from the public safety and Utility/TELCO industry and input from fleet managers and computer end-users. "Gamber-Johnson heard from fleet managers and computer end-users that most everyone recognizes the need for a mount that is intuitive, easy to use, and places the computer in an ergonomic position," stated Tom O'Brien, Product Manager. "In addition, the mount must improve productivity and safely position the computer. Gamber-Johnson then conducted extensive research, testing, and design to develop the most intuitive locking slide arm in the industry."

The result is the Mongoose Locking Slide Arm, which is:


  • Can be mounted on most upper pole assemblies (Gamber-Johnson recommends using the Center Pole Uppers).
  • Featuring an overall length of 9" from the center of the pole, the arm will extend 4" forward for to a total length of 13".
  • "Slam and Lock" technology, that allows you to push the computer back to the retracted (9") position and automatically lock into place, preventing unwanted movement while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Can be ordered in two different configurations (with Motion Attachment or without) which allows you option to pick your own Gamber-Johnson Motion Attachment or to utilize an existing one.
  • The Mongoose with the Motion Attachment allows the docking solution to vertically tilt up to 90° and also allow 360° rotation in the horizontal (notebook PC) or vertical position (tablet).
  • Rotation of the locking slide arm can be 360° locking in place at every 15°.
  • Computer can be accessed easily from the driver and passenger seat.

Ergonomic - easily move the computer into the desired operating position for use in the vehicle without having to reach around to the back of the computer.

Unobtrusive - lower profile allows the driver to easily see the computer screen, maintain line of sight of the road, and drive without interference.

Rugged - made of heavy gauge, black powder-coated steel the locking slide arm is securely bolted to the upper pole and is strong enough to hold a cradle or docking station while minimizing stress and vibration on the components.

Easy to install - no-drill design uses existing upper pole products for easy install or removal to another vehicle.

Adaptable - locking slide can work with most existing Gamber-Johnson Motion Attachments.

Adjustable - can be mounted on Gamber-Johnson's Quick Adjust upper poles, allowing the locking slide arm height to be adjusted vertically with a lever.

"In today's economy, the need for efficiencies cannot be underestimated," notes O'Brien. "Everything about this design has to do with efficiencies and the future of the industry. We've designed the Mongoose to meet the demands of the mobile environment, made it easy to install and use, and made it rugged enough that it will outlast the vehicle allowing you to easily move it to future vehicle configurations."

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