Ti Training Corp, a supplier of interactive training products to law enforcement, is offering a free training video featuring the Tennessee v Garner case and its impact on all law enforcement officers in the country.

The re-enactment follows the events of October 3, 1974 and its subsequent effect on an officers’ ability to legally use deadly force in the application of their duties. The video features comments from Roy Bedard, a well known and respected training authority based in Tallahassee, Fla., creator of the Rapid Rotation Baton, and President of RRB Systems, International.

“This is a case law. It’s usually very dry and mundane, but every police officer must know and understand it. We selected this title to show how something this monotonous can be presented in an engaging and educational manner,” says Greg Otte, president of Ti Training. “This video represents our calling card, and if law enforcement trainers like what they see, we expect to be contacted for more training titles that exhibit this kind of look, feel, and quality.”

To order a free copy of the DVD "Tennessee v. Garner Defined" from Ti Training visit www.Titraining.com.