Bruce Siddle, a law enforcement veteran with an extensive background specializing in use-of-force training, will provide valuable insight as one of the keynote speakers at TREXPO West 2007 on Wednesday, March 21, 1000 - 1200 hrs.

Siddle is the founder and executive director of PPCT Management Systems/Homeland Security Corporation (HSC), one of the largest research-based use-of-force training organizations in the United States. The firm was awarded the contract by TSA to train the Federal Air Marshals, the Federal Flight Deck Officers, and the newly created passenger screeners - the largest single training effort since World War II. Siddle was also a contract instructor for the Central Intelligence Agency from 1988 to the spring of 2000. His specialty is the study of combat human factors and why performance fails under stress.

Siddle's keynote address will examine new research that impacts use-of-force training, policy development, and excessive force investigations. His presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of a person's hardwired survival response system (Sympathetic Nervous System) and how it hijacks specific perceptual, analytical, and physical skill processes that are critical in the use of force.

Siddle is the author of “Sharpening the Warrior's Edge,” one of the first texts to study survival stress responses, and is finishing his newest work, Warrior Science, the Study of Combat Human Factors. Siddle's organization, PPCT Management Systems/Homeland Security Corporation (HSC), is also a second-time TREXPO sponsor.

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