A Bay County, Fla., sheriff’s deputy stumbled on a meth lab when he arrived at a residence to investigate a disconnected 911 call, which the woman living there had inadvertently made while attempting to dial another number. The woman was arrested on drug charges.

Deputies say Vicki Lynn Nunnery, 43, told them she hung up after mistakenly dialing 911, unaware that it was standard procedure to investigate all 911 hangups.

Upon arriving at the three-bedroom house in a suburb of Panama City, the investigating deputy smelled methamphetamine. After talking with Nunnery and Vito James Knowles, 44, who was also arrested, the deputy contacted narcotics investigators, who obtained a search warrant.

As a result of the search, the investigators discovered the entire house was being used as a meth lab. Nunnery and Knowles were charged with trafficking meth and face additional drug and weapon charges, a department spokesperson said.