Originally begun by a group of SWAT snipers in the United States, Adopt a Sniper now runs a comprehensive donation program that sends much needed gear to military snipers on the front lines.

While the military provides basic gear to its personnel, snipers often have special requirements. The group of police snipers that started Adopt a Sniper often had to buy their own gear if they wanted to use it on the job and rightly assumed military snipers often find themselves in the same bind.

The police snipers established contact with various military sniper schools and began sending items they could spare and making personal purchases to send overseas. Now, the group accepts others’ donations on behalf of the snipers and sends them specific equipment they’ve requested. It generally takes 2.5 weeks for shipped items to reach the snipers.

According to the Website, www.adoptasniper.com, all persons directly involved in the organization are either current or former police or military snipers or both. All are either currently operational themselves or are directly involved in training police and military operators in the United States and abroad.

For more information visit www.adoptasniper.com