Action Target

Action Target's AutoTargets provide a new method for dynamic training on any range. These completely portable units can recognize hits in up to four key zones, meaning instructors can adjust the required hits to drop the target on the fly with a tablet controller using Action Target's free app. Instructors can create realistic scenarios at any distance and can maximize student throughput, never having to go down range. The app scores each target automatically.

Advantage Tactical Sight

The Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) is a customizable iron sight system compatible with most firearms. The pyramid-like sight picture of the ATPS and the diamond-shaped sight picture of the ATDDS were developed to capitalize on the human mind's unique ability to quickly respond to simple geometric configurations. Though technically fixed sights, both may be adjusted for windage, elevation, and color scheme. The ATDDS' Dark Diamonds allow you to complete darkened shots, without being able to see the darkened rear sight.

Blok Safety Systems

Blok Safety Systems LLC now has a rifle product called RifleBlok. Currently available in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO, RifleBlok is comprised of two components. The RifleBlok itself is a 21-inch-long cylindrical device that gets inserted in the barrel and chamber through the open ejection port, making the rifle incapable of chambering a round. With the high-visibility orange tip protruding from the muzzle, everyone can see the firearm is safe. RifleBlok can be trimmed to fit the desired length of the barrel. The second component, called MagBlok, fits into the top of the magazine. It makes the magazine safe and prevents the bolt carrier from locking to the rear when an empty magazine is inserted. MagBlok is universal and fits in most AR-style magazines. Each RifleBlok unit comes with one RifleBlok and three MagBlok devices.

Competitive Edge Dynamics

The CED7000 Shot-Activated Timer from Competitive Edge Dynamics is designed to offer a combination of advanced features, compact size, and lightweight design. This "next generation" shot timer includes special features such as memory storage/recall for 10 strings with an unlimited number of shots, custom par for single or multiple (11) par time settings, dual forward/reverse review functions, and a shot detection microphone featuring eight pre-programmed digital sensitivity settings, stopwatch mode, R.O. mode, and spy mode.

Elite Target Systems

Elite Target Systems manufactures and markets the TAC II Portable Turning Target System. The TAC II is wireless, compact, battery driven, and does not use compressed air. It displays a pair of silhouette targets for handgun training or practice, and can be operated up to 1,000 feet away for sniper exercises. Multiple TAC II's can be synchronized for group activities and setup takes only five minutes.

Meggitt Training Systems

Meggitt Training Systems' FATS 100LE leverages state-of-the-art technology recently developed for and delivered to the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, but customized for law enforcement training. LE-specific features include the introduction of three-dimensional marksmanship training, wireless tablet control with auto-coaching, and an intuitive unified interface across all training modes — for ease-of-use and reduction in training requirements. The FATS 100LE also features multiple screen capability, enhanced visuals, multiple weapons per trainee, and wireless BlueFire weapons.


MT2 is a large, nationwide professional firing range lead reclamation maintenance contractor for both indoor and outdoor ranges that provides services including complete firing range maintenance and improvements, lead remediation services, lead reclamation, OSHA and environmental consulting, and range closure. MT2's extensive list of clients includes over 400 law enforcement agencies and the U.S. military. Since 2006, MT2 has been implementing a BMP Program for lead management and maintenance to successfully reduce lead hazards where over 40,000 officers and recruits train annually.

Qualification Targets Inc.

Qualification Targets Inc. has added several new targets to its current catalog of training and qualification targets. These include the U.S. Army Marksmanship Target, the EIC E-SILHOUETTE in 20x56-inch cardboard and 20x35-inch paper. Two new IALEFI targets are also available: the IALEFI-MA designed for the state of Massachusetts, and the IALEFI-QT Qualification Target.

Range Systems

The Guardian Compact Clearing Trap by Range Systems is designed to provide law enforcement personnel a safe method to check their firearm or confiscated weapons before handling and transporting. Its small size and light weight allow it to be mounted in a patrol vehicle, installed on a desk, or even hung on a wall. Inside the AR500 steel case is a Dura-Bloc ballistic rubber interior to encapsulate any bullet fragments.

Savage Range Systems

Savage Range Systems offers total range solutions for the finest, safest, and cleanest, lowest-maintenance shooting ranges, bullet traps, and 360-degree shoot houses. Bullet traps utilizing Snail technology combined with low-angle ramps and 360-degree deceleration chambers are made to safely capture bullets while virtually eliminating splatter, ricochet, and airborne lead. Specializing in custom systems, Savage provides range solutions to military, law enforcement, commercial and private ranges, and firearms and ammunition manufacturers.

Troy Acoustics Corp.

Troy Acoustics Corporation is a one-stop indoor and outdoor shooting range acoustics provider. The patented Troy System reduces the over-blast pressure or reverb time in the range and performs much better in the lower octaves, which is critical when firing weapons. If you are experiencing headaches and tension from the noise generated in your range, then consider the benefits of a high-performance acoustic system. Additional products include shoot tubes, acoustic outdoor stalls, and acoustic roofs.