Some of the leading public safety officials in Arizona are women. They include the chief of the Phoenix Police Department, the chief of the Phoenix Fire Department, the chief of the Prescott Police Department, the chief of the Tempe Police Department, and the marshal of the Town of Camp Verde.

Phoenix—The chief of the Phoenix Police Department, Jeri Williams, and the chief of the Phoenix Fire Department, Kara Kalkbrenner, attended the same high school, Maryvale High in west Phoenix. "She and I are both proud products of the public school system," says Police Chief Williams.

Fire Chief Kalkbrenner joined the Phoenix Fire Department in 1985. She has held the ranks of fire engineer, fire captain, division chief, deputy chief, and executive chief of administration. Kalkbrenner is one of only six female fire chiefs leading large metropolitan departments in the United States.

Tempe—Police Chief Sylvia Moir took charge of the Tempe Police Department in March. She was previously the chief of the El Cerrito (CA) Police Department and spent most of her career serving on the Sacramento force. In Sacramento she worked in every division and had a variety of assignments ranging from patrol officer to watch commander.

Prescott—Chief Debora Black took command of the Prescott PD in July. Before moving to Prescott, she was chief of the Glendale (AZ) Police Department. Black is a veteran of the Phoenix PD, where she began her career in 1980 and served with distinction, earning the Medal of Valor, three Medals of Lifesaving, and two Police Chief's Unit Awards.

Camp Verde—Nancy Gardner has served as marshal of this small town since 2012. She has 27 years of law enforcement experience with three Arizona agencies, including Camp Verde, Avondale, and Gilbert. In Gilbert she served as the agency's first female SWAT team member and its first female SWAT commander.

Up Through the Ranks

Phoenix native Jeri Williams served with her hometown police for more than 20 years and now she is the department's chief.