No less than 14 law enforcement agencies in the San Francisco Bay area are working together this holiday season to get intoxicated drivers off the roads. The three-week crackdown beginning Dec. 12 has been dubbed, “Avoid the 14.”

Working in shifts during peak after-party driving hours, officers will run checkpoints and ride two to a patrol car to spot suspicious drivers on the road.

Arrestees will be taken to jail in a sheriff’s van assigned to Avoid the 14 enforcement actions by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. Deputies will also attend incidents when necessary.

Officers from SFPD, the Marin and San Francisco offices of the California Highway Patrol, Amtrak, and BART public transportation will staff the checkpoints and ride with the “saturation patrols,” as will police who cover California State University at San Francisco, the University of California, San Francisco; the University of San Francisco; and the San Francisco Community College District.

The 14 agencies took in 188 DUI suspects during the same period last year, with nine alcohol-related injury crashes and no DUI fatalities.