Traffic collisions continue to claim the lives of more law enforcement officers than any other type of incident each year. HG2 Emergency Lighting aims to lower that statistic with its Runner lighting solution, debuting at the International Association of Chiefs of Police show in Orlando this month.

When activated, HG2 Runners' LED lights illuminate the side profile of a law enforcement vehicle, allowing motorists to see it clearly from the side. This can prevent collisions in intersections and during traffic stops on roadsides.

"Our patented Runner is a lighting solution that extends along the running board of the vehicle," says Ryan York, sales director for HG2 Emergency Lighting. "It's 72 inches long, which is standard to most vehicles."

Because they're mounted underneath the vehicle, flush with the car, the Runners are not visible until they're activated. This makes them a good lighting option for both marked and unmarked vehicles.

Knowing the underside of a police car can experience quite a bit of abuse, HG2 designed the Runner to be durable. It's created with patented plastics and enclosed in a high-impact CAB housing encased in an anodized aluminum mounting sleeve for a double layer of protection. This durable, flexible board design can withstand running over curbs and any other necessary maneuvers on duty. Such a thoughtful design didn't happen overnight.

HG2 began in the field of vehicle lighting with neon technologies before adding LED solutions in 2005. When police officers began requesting lighting solutions for their particular needs, HG2 took notice. But they knew that creating the right products would take some time. So the company has spent the better part of the last decade developing LED lighting solutions for public safety, working extensively with local police agencies to best meet their needs.

True to its mission, the company decided on the Runner's 10 lighting patterns based on feedback from local agencies. And because HG2 manufactures all of its products in house, custom options are also available. "If a department needed a specific control pattern, all we'd have to do is take a short video clip [of the desired pattern] and get a few explanations from the department and we could deliver proof of concept in a couple of weeks, not months," says York.

Because the Runner taps into the power source of a vehicle's existing light and siren systems, installation is simple. "It takes a total of about two hours for someone with basic emergency vehicle installation experience and requires nothing more than a few screws and tools and HG2's perfect fit mounting solution," says York.

York is excited about the Runner and a whole line of new products waiting in the wings, most of which are designed to complement a vehicle's existing lighting systems such as traditional lightbars.

"Most police departments have a standard operating procedure to move the nose of the vehicle out slightly on traffic stops, but at 70mph passing motorists may not be able to effectively determine the perimeter of the car. With the Runner, we're trying to help drivers be more aware of the outline of the vehicle," says York. "It's for the safety of officers." 

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