Zebra Offers New Fitness Systems for Officer Training

The company has now expanded into the fitness-equipment market with the same focused business plan – to deliver industry-leading products backed by relationship-focused customer service.

With its introduction of Zebra Fit modular Rack and Rig fitness systems, Zebra now offers MMA and martial arts enthusiasts even greater opportunities for fitness training, whether for themselves, their fighters, or for their martial arts students. Zebra is well known as a maker of mats and flooring for MMA, martial arts, and yoga professionals. The company has now expanded into the fitness-equipment market with the same focused business plan – to deliver industry-leading products backed by relationship-focused customer service.

“We listened closely to our clients,” said Pat Soli, director of sales and marketing for Zebra. “In discussions about the future of our industries, we found a need for fitness-focused cross-training equipment that is more durable and more versatile, and is designed with an understanding of the needs of martial arts professionals. The Zebra Fit Rack and Rig systems are a natural extension of our Zebra mats, bags, and training equipment. Plus, we can now better serve professionals in MMA, martial arts and yoga by helping them grow their businesses.”

All Zebra Fit Pro Series equipment pieces are manufactured in the U.S.A. using heavy-duty structural-grade, 3x3-inch, 11-gauge steel, plus 1-inch hardware with a vibration-resistant thread-lock finish. Durable J-cups hold weight bars securely, and they fit in laser-cut holes that are numbered for quick adjustment. Optional safeties provide solid reassurance for squat and bench work, and they’re made with the same durable 11-gauge steel. This robust construction fits with the Zebra mandate of building equipment that lasts and is backed by a 10-year frame warranty.

Zebra Fit Pro Series Racks begin as Half Rack or Power Rack systems. Owners can then add storage, or combine pieces to custom fit their specific spaces.

  • The Pro Series Power Rack System provides dedicated weight-training space, and storage can be added to hold weights, bumpers and more.
  • The Half-Rack and Half-Rack With Storage are space-saving tools for weight training and body-weight training exercises. Both offer expansion opportunities by connecting to other Zebra Fit Pro Series equipment.
  • The Annex Rack System combines Power Racks with a center-connector storage framework that holds a variety of weight-training equipment. 

 Zebra Fit Pro Series Rig System equipment can be configured in a variety of ways using 4-foot or 6-foot wide structures in both free-standing and wall-mounted versions. Owners can combine Rig Systems to build space-compatible equipment for any training need.

  • Zebra Fit 4-foot Rigs – whether self-supported or wall-mount – provide stable and secure bases for all weight-training needs.
  • Zebra Fit 6-foot Rigs are superb structures for any number of Zebra training accessories, and can be combined with 4-foot Rigs to produce complete training systems in 14-foot, 24-foot, or larger arrangements.
  • The 24-foot Self-Supported Rig, for example, allows endless customization opportunities. MMA gym owners, college and high-school athletic trainers, and martial arts school owners can install this to offer better weight training, cross-fit style workouts, and more.

 Zebra Fit Pro Series Accessories are designed to work with the Zebra Fit Racks or Rigs, and can also be used independent of these Zebra systems anywhere in a gym or training space.

  • The Multi-Adjustable Bench is a compact, durable, and portable workout tool designed for easy adjustment from a flat bench to an 85-degree upright-seated station. The bench works perfectly with any of the Zebra Fit Rack systems.
  • Training sleds, chin-up stations, weights and kettlebells are also available through the Zebra Fit system of training tools.

“Our goal is to provide complete outfitting services to training professionals,” said Zebra’s Soli. “We’ve done that for years with mats, bags and bag racks, and we’re excited to help existing and new customers with Zebra Fit Pro Series Racks and Rigs. We can show training professionals new revenue streams and business growth opportunities. It’s important for us to help our customers succeed.” 

With a range of equipment storage options, the Zebra Fit products help training professionals keep their spaces clean, organized and safe. All Zebra Fit equipment is coated in rugged black-tex finish; it can be ordered in a variety of colors to match a training center interior. Most product orders can be filled within 7 days.

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