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Online Training Online Training provides practice-based training to build de-escalation and other verbal communication skills in law enforcement officers.


(Video) Mitigating Police Officer Suicide

BlueH.E.L.P. is an organization that tracks officer suicides while simultaneously seeking to...

Nick Greco, who sits on the BlueH.E.L.P. Board of Directors, discusses how agencies can prevent officer suicides and do a better job of supporting the families of officers who died by suicide.


Xtreme Performance Lab Announces New Mental Training Technology to Aid Law Enforcement and First Responders 

Professionally guided trainings are done remotely via XPL's NeuroPod PRO delivery platform and measurable results can be achieved in just two hours per week. XPL services include a comprehensive Performance Capabilities Assessment (like a "combine for the mind"), individualized mental training protocols using the company's proprietary Quantitative Neuro-Physical Conditioning (QNCP), and mental wellness progress measurements.