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TX Officer Shot in Hand Returns Fire, Killing Two

The driver pulled a gun and started firing at the officer, striking him in the hand and his radio. The officer then returned gunfire as he retreated back to his vehicle. The driver and a passenger were killed in the exchange.

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Suspect in Shooting of TX Officer, Murder of Woman Captured

Jerry Elders, 39, was arrested in the woods in Gainesville about nine hours after he allegedly shot a Burleson, TX, officer.

TX Officer Shot at Traffic Stop, Suspects at Large

Burleson Police Chief Billy Cordell said during a press conference the officer approached the vehicle on the passenger side when one of the three occupants in the vehicle fired shots and struck the officer.

Stabbed NY Officer's Life Saved by Quick Response from Fellow Officers and a Marine

Police say Suffolk County Officer Christopher Racioppo was stabbed during a struggle with a suspect.

Philadelphia Officer Shot, Suspect Killed at Traffic Stop

At that point, the suspect removed a gun from the front of his waistline and fired his gun in the direction of police, officials said. He then reportedly exited the Kia and discharged at least two additional rounds in the direction of police.

Chicago-Area Officer and Driver Shot at Traffic Stop

A witness said the driver got out of the car with his hands in the air and “just went in his waist... he got a gun and just started dumping. Shot the police window out, shot the police and everything.”

Kentucky Officers Cleared in Fatal Traffic Stop Shooting

Randall Lockaby, 57, was seen reaching behind his back and drawing a handgun as he exited the pickup truck he was driving. Body camera video from Officer Dooley's system shows the man point the gun at Officer Dooley.

Nashville Police Release Video of Fatal Gunfight Between Officer and Woman

The video shows her grabbing her bag and running away from the officer who attempts to tase her. She then can be seen entering her car where the officer does tase her and tries to pull her out.

Nashville Officer Critically Wounded, Suspect Killed in Traffic Stop Shooting

Officer Josh Baker approached the Camaro and learned the owner of the car was not the person driving, police said. The driver fired at Officer Baker, striking him, and he fired back, striking the suspect, who drove off and crashed.

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San Diego News Crew Records Gunfight Between Officer and Suspect

Harbor Police Department said their officers exchanged gunfire with the man, who has not been publicly identified, before arresting him.