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Charlotte Leaders Ban Police Purchase of Chemical Agents

“Without their use, this city would be on fire, and injuries would be much greater,” the FOP said of chemical agents. “As rocks and explosives are hurled at them, what measures do the police in Charlotte now have to defend themselves and the preservation of life and property?”

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Minnesota Man Charged In Arson Attack on Minneapolis Police Department

A Minnesota man is now facing charges for the arson attack on a precinct building in the aftermath of the in-custody death of George Floyd, which sparked violent riots across the country.

Man Charged with Murder in Killing of Retired Missouri Officer

A man has been charged with murder in the fatal shooting of retired St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department captain David Dorn, who was killed while protecting a friend's pawn shop from looters last week.

4 Protesters Sue to Bar Denver Police Use of Tear Gas, Less-Lethal Projectiles During Demonstrations

The plaintiffs are asking a Denver District Court judge to impose an injunction, banning the weapons’ use immediately.

Protesters Follow Georgia Officers Home, Vandalize Take-Home Vehicles

Three protesters were arrested in Gwinnett County, GA, Wednesday for allegedly vandalizing and trying to burn take-home police cars with Molotov cocktails outside of the homes of the officers.

Some Looters are Organized and Targeting Expensive Vehicles and Luxury Goods

By the time San Leandro officers arrived at the Dodge dealership, dozens of cars were gone and thieves were peeling out of the lot in $100,000 Challenger Hellcat muscle cars. Nearly 75 vehicles were stolen Sunday, including models driven through glass showroom doors to escape.

Protesters Protect Solo Louisville Officer from Angry Mob

“Why are you guys protecting him?” Lee said the angry crowd yelled.

Philadelphia Officer Run Over, Seriously Injured by Looters

Nieves had surgery again on Tuesday to reconstruct 12 broken ribs and a shattered sternum. He also has five fractured vertebrae in his back and neck.

Man Blowing Up ATM Killed in Philadelphia

Police say the deceased 24-year-old man tried using an explosive device to blow up the ATM by Sidekicks Sports Bar, but when the device went off, he was thrown to the ground with serious injuries. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and died.

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2 Men Found with Gasoline Can Outside Chicago Captain's Home

It was not clear if the men followed the captain home. But the neighborhood is known to be home to many CPD officers. The captain’s squad vehicle was parked outside the house.