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Officer Arrested

Off-Duty Illinois Officer Accused of Domestic Violence at Camping Resort

An officer with the Crestwood Police Department faces felony domestic battery and strangulation charges after a domestic incident that left his children thinking that their mother had stopped breathing.

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California Officer Arrested for Off-Duty Shooting of Fellow Officer

An officer with the Los Angeles Police Department was arrested early Sunday on suspicion of shooting and wounding a fellow officer while they were off-duty at a Southern California recreation area.

Officer Arrested Over Deadly Off-Duty Fight

A Milwaukee police officer has been arrested over a deadly off-duty fight.

Off-Duty Wisconsin Officer Arrested for Assault Following Fight

An officer with the Milwaukee Police Department was arrested on Sunday evening after a fight left a 25-year-old man with serious injuries and hospitalized.

FBI Agent Shot Arresting Kentucky Constables

The constables conspired to violate the civil rights of people through bogus searches and by taking their property without proper cause, a federal grand jury charged.

Sheriff: FL SRO Pawned Sidearm, Brought Pellet Gun to Work

King allegedly gave excuses to investigators about why he did not have his service weapon, but later confessed he pawned the gun, as well as a ballistic vest assigned to him by the sheriff's office.

Florida Deputy Cannot Legally Own or Buy Firearms Following Arrest

At a risk-protection order hearing Tuesday afternoon, Jerald Samuel Alderman’s attorney, Scott Richardson, told Circuit Judge Ted Booras that Alderman agreed to the city’s request that he neither buy nor own guns for the next year.

Louisiana Officer Arrested for DWI After Leading Police on High-Speed Chase

Carlos Peralta, 53, was booked Sunday with driving while intoxicated, aggravated flight from an officer and reckless operation of a vehicle, according to Jefferson Parish arrest records.

Massachusetts Officer Accused of Telling Teen: "Welcome to the White Man's World"

Two officers with the Springfield (MA) Police Department have been accused of using excessive force while arresting two teens of Latino heritage, with one of the officers saying at the time of the arrest, "welcome to the white man's world."

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Georgia Deputies Arrested in Mexico for Gun Possession

"Mexican law says that you cannot bring a firearm into their country," said Hancock. "They're certified law enforcement officers. They're trained to protect people, so they carried their weapons with them thinking in their minds that they are going to do what they do every day. Protect people and protect myself."