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Off-Duty Incidents

Off Duty Officer Saves 2 Men from Drowning in Minnesota Lake

An off-duty officer with the Onalaska (MN) Police Department who rescued two men in danger of drowning in a lake over Independence Day weekend is being hailed by the family as a hero.

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Off-Duty Tennessee Officer Stops Shooting at Local Bar

An off-duty officer with the Guthrie (TN) Police Department stopped a domestic dispute from turning deadly as it devolved into a shooting in the parking lot of a local bar over the weekend.

Illinois Officer Drowns in Lake Following Medical Emergency

An officer with the Palatine Police Department drowned last week after having a medical emergency while swimming in a local lake.

Off-Duty New York Officer Saves Young Girl from Drowning in Pool

An off-duty officer with the Clarkstown (NY) Police Department leaped into action when he saw a small girl in danger of drowning over the Independence Day weekend.

California Officer Shoots Own Son to Defend Against Attack on Wife

A reserve officer with the Piedmont (CA) Police Department reportedly shot his 21-year-old son to keep the young man from harming his wife in a violent attack.

Off Duty Dallas Officer Attacked While Attempting to Quell Disturbance

An off-duty officer with the Dallas Police Department was attempting to quell a disturbance at an apartment complex over the weekend when he was assaulted by multiple individuals.

Off-Duty Chicago Officer Dies of Apparent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

An off-duty officer with the Chicago Police Department has died and a woman is in critical after a carbon monoxide leak earlier this week.

Off-Duty Chicago Officer Shot, Wounded in Possible Ambush Attack

An off-duty officer with the Chicago Police Department was shot in the leg early Tuesday but is expected to fully recover.

Video: Off-Duty DC Officer Pulls Man from Burning Vehicle

An off-duty officer with the Washington DC Metro Police Department was en route home after his shift when he came upon a vehicle wreck in suburban Maryland. He quickly leaped into action, extracting the driver from the burning pickup.

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Off-Duty Officer Shot, Gunman Subsequently Killed in Separate Confrontation

A gunman reportedly shot an off-duty officer with the Nashville (TN) Police Department as the officer was walking his dog on Thursday evening.