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North Carolina agencies

NC Sheriff Says Family Warned Law Enforcement About Son who Killed 2 Deputies

Watauga County Sheriff Len Hagaman said his office had received calls about Barnes on Sunday from family members concerned he “might try and do something.”

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2 NC Deputies Ambushed and Killed During Welfare Check

When arriving on the scene, deputies found all vehicles of those they were trying to contact parked at the residence. Once deputies went into the home, an unknown person fired shots toward the deputies, striking two of them.

2 NC Deputies Shot During Welfare Check, Standoff in Progress

Deputies proceeded to enter the home after discovering all vehicles belonging to the residents were on the property. Upon entering the home, deputies received gunfire from an unknown individual within the residence. Two deputies were hit.

Judge Rules Video from NC OIS Cannot be Released

The decision came after the Pasquotank County district attorney opposed the public release of the video, saying the shooting was justified because he said Brown hit officers with his car be-fore they fired at him.

Charlotte Police Union Not Happy Department Paying $60K for Customer Service Training

The consultant has never worked with a police department before, and the FOP is worried about possible safety issues.

Charlotte Police Hire Customer Service Guru

CMPD has hired The DiJulius Group, a national consulting firm, to train its 2,300 employees in the fine points of the firm’s “Customer Service Revolution.” The department will pay about $60,000, CMPD spokesman Rob Tufano says.

NC Officer who was Shot and Paralyzed in 1992 Dies

David Parde and a rookie officer were dispatched to apartments on May 5, 1992, after a resident called 911 reporting that three teenagers were knocking on doors in the apartment complex pretending to be Domino's Pizza delivery employees.

NC Officer Killed in Single Car Accident While Driving to Work

The officer died at the scene. He was not wearing a seatbelt, troopers said.

NC Officer Resigns After Investigators of K-9 Training Video Recommend Termination

The officer "acted in a manner entirely inconsistent with his K-9 training and had violated Police Department policy. As a result, he was recommended for termination.”

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NC Investigators Find Glock Disguised as Nerf Gun During Drug Raid

One of guns was the converted Glock model 19 pistol fitted with a 50-round drum magazine, and altered to resemble a Nerf toy.