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Video: NYPD Officer Wounded in Gunfight Released from Hospital

An officer with the New York Police Department who was shot in a gunfight on Staten Island on Tuesday walked out of the hospital on Wednesday with dozens of officers standing and applauding.

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NYPD Officer Wounded, Gunman Killed in Gunfight

A female officer with the New York Police Department was shot in the wrist during a gunfight on Staten Island on Tuesday.

NYPD Detective Dies of 9/11-Related Cancer

New York Police Department Detective Joe Paolillo succumbed last week at age 55 to a rare form of cancer he contracted searching for his brother's remains at Ground Zero in the weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Off-Duty NYPD Inspector Killed in Motorcycle Crash

An off-duty inspector with the New York Police Department was struck and killed by a dumpster truck while he rode his motorcycle to work on Monday morning.

Retired New York Officer Completes Suicide

A retired NYPD sergeant completed suicide early Wednesday morning. His wife discovered his body and reported it to local police.

Rekor System Selected by NY Police Department

Rekor Systems Inc. announced that the Rotterdam (NY) Police Department has entered into a subscription agreement to use the company's Watchman vehicle recognition software on existing traffic and surveillance cameras.

NY Police Union, Brass Face Off Over Tactical Weapon Use

Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder says tactical rifles should not be distributed widely across patrol ranks, citing security and oversight concerns. But James McDermott, president of the Nassau PBA, argues that street cops—armed with department-issued .40-caliber handguns—are at a distinct disadvantage against a gunman wielding a semiautomatic rifle.

New York Officer Injured in Patrol Vehicle Collision at Traffic Light

An officer with the Elmira Police Department suffered minor injuries when a 17-year-old female driver failed to stop at a red light and crashed into his patrol vehicle on Wednesday night.

Crowd Attacks NYPD Officers Outside Apartment Fire

The fight between officers and residents started as crowds refused to make way as the officers demanded they move. Police say a 39-year-old woman ripped an officer’s body camera off and threw it to the ground, while another person threw a carton of milk at the officers before running off.

Retired New York City Police Officer Dies from Apparent Suicide

An officer who retired from the New York Police Department reportedly died by suicide on Staten Island on Monday.