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Grand Jury Declines to Indict Rochester Officers Over Death of Daniel Prude

The Rochester police union president has defended the officers who arrested Prude, saying they appeared to follow protocol and urging changes to procedure if necessary. “Let’s not indict a police officer at the lowest level so the public feels or the family feels that there some semblance of justice,” Michael Mazzeo, president of Rochester Police Locust Club said last year.

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New York City to Test No-Police Mental Crisis Response

Some important specifics remain to be seen in practice, including how real-time decisions about when to summon police — who will still respond to calls involving a weapon or “imminent risk of harm” — will play out. And the union that represents the city’s EMTs says the city needs to make sure they’re safe before going ahead.

New York Seeing Rise in Subway Assaults on Officers

The release of the stats come amid growing concern over an increase in transit violence in the city, with reports of riders punched, shoved, or slashed on the rise in recent weeks.

NYPD Union Slams City Council Over Defunding Police After Fatal Stabbings on Subway

"Perhaps Council Speaker Johnson should ask NYers if they want more or less police on the streets & in the subways – especially since the tragic murders on the A Line," Detectives’ Endowment Association tweeted Saturday. "There’s no doubt they want to see more police. It’s time for the politicians to wake up!"

Grand Jury Dismisses Charges Against Buffalo Officers Over Shoving of Protester

The charges were filed against Officers Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe followed an incident during a Black Lives Matter protest in June in front of Buffalo City Hall.

New York Trio Arrested After Demanding Police Shovel Car Out of Snow

When the officer tried to speak to the driver, Torres, “the officer was immediately met with angry people demanding (the officer) to get a shovel and help them dig and push the vehicle out of the snowbank,” police said.

NYPD Punishing Officer Over Politically Oriented Patches on Uniform

The female sergeant was spotted at a Black Lives Matter demonstration Friday night outside a precinct in Ft. Greene in uniform and on duty, wearing a patch which plays off former President Trump’s "Make America Great Again" slogan, video posted online from the event shows.

NYPD Officer Seriously Injured by Precinct Garage Door

The officer was walking to a police van inside the garage at the 78th Precinct at when the metal roll-down gate came crashing down, pinning her leg and causing serious injury.

Man Accused of Faking Medical Emergency in Times Square for YouTube Video, Police and EMS Responded

The video shows NYPD officers smashing the car windows when the door doesn’t budge, and pulling out Saroya to check his vitals.

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NYPD Officer Charged with Sexual Exploitation of Children

An NYPD officer has been accused of possessing sexual videos and photos of minors, whom he allegedly targeted on Twitter and other social media platforms, federal prosecutors said.