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Costco Giving Officers Priority Access to Stores During the Coronavirus Crisis

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Famous New York Restaurant Re-Opens its Doors for First Responders

In a time when restaurants across the country have been relegated to take-out-only establishments, one of the most highly reputed establishments in New York City has "turned the lights back on" in an effort to feed first responders.

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One in Six NYPD Officers Is Reportedly Out Sick

One out of every six officers with the New York City Police Department is reportedly out sick or in quarantine due to suspicion of coronavirus, according to agency reports.

NYPD Reports More Than 1,000 Officers Testing Positive for COVID-19

More than 1,000 officers with the New York Police Department have reportedly contracted Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

New York Officer Injured in Vehicle Crash Now Recovering at Hospital

An officer with the Riverhead Police Department who was badly injured in a vehicle crash during an active pursuit is now reportedly recovering in a hospital on Long Island.

Man Coughs on FBI Agents Arresting Him Over Price-Gouging of Coronavirus Masks

Baruch Feldheim, 43, is facing charges of assault and making false statements to the feds on Sunday outside his Borough Park home where he allegedly peddled and stored massive amounts of N95 respirator masks, federal officials said.

New York Officer Seriously Injured in Pursuit Crash

he officer was one of several police units involved in the pursuit of a vehicle wanted in connection with an incident in Southold Town, Riverhead Police said.

NYPD Implements Policy to Protect Most Vulnerable Officers from COVID-19

Following the detective's death the NYPD is accommodating members with pre-existing medical conditions and pregnant members, according to a memo reviewed exclusively by NBC News.

New York Officer Wounded in Friday Night Domestic

The wounded officer, whose name has not yet been released by the department, was taken to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse for treatment. He was released after treatment.

Crime Drops 25% in New York City During Coronavirus Shutdown

Each of the seven major crimes that determine the overall crime rate — murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and grand larceny auto — declined compared to the week before, according to NYPD statistics.

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2,400 NYPD Personnel Have Called in Sick During Coronavirus Crisis

So far, 100 officers and 29 civilian members of the NYPD have tested positive for the virus.