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New York Village to Dissolve Police Department to Avoid Raising Taxes

After debating the move since late last year and putting the matter to a vote, the Village of Deposit, NY, has decided to dissolve its police department.

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NYPD to Add Hate Crimes to CompStat Reports

“The best way to fight hate is to shine a light on it,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said at a press conference Monday.

New York Man Attacks Traffic Agents with Pipe, Police Say

The traffic agents were writing summonses about 9 a.m., when the suspect exited his black Chevy pickup and attacked the agents, police said.

How New York State Police is Addressing Officer Mental Health and Wellness

What good is all the training and equipment we have for protecting our peoples' physical health and safety if we don't make available every possible resource to protect their mental health as well?

Man with History of Violence Against Police Released Without Bail

A man who served time for shooting an officer with the Rochester Police Department in 2009 was recently arrested in connection with a sting operation in which officers sought to purchase fentanyl, but is now out of jail without posting bail.

NYPD Union Outraged Over Release of Man who "Sucker Punched" Officer

The incident was captured on body-worn video. It shows Steven Haynes, 40, socking the uniformed officer across the face outside a Bank of America in Downtown Brooklyn on Thursday, officials said.

Photo Shows NY Sergeant Comforting Dog Hit By Car

A photo being shared on social media shows a New York sergeant comforting a frightened dog that had just been hit by a car, even using his coat to provide warmth.

New York Officers Shovel Driveway of 99-Year-Old Woman

Three officers with the Albany (NY) Police Department came to the aid of a 99-year-old woman who called for help in clearing nearly 18 inches of newly fallen snow from her driveway so she could leave her home Monday morning.

Video: K-9 Helps Take Down Assailant Who Punched Officer in Face

A resistive subject who punched a police officer in upstate New York learned the hard way that the officer he had just assaulted is also a K-9 handler.

Convicted Cop-Killer Set to be Released on Parole

Margaret Mosomillo—widow of NYPD officer Anthony Mosomillo—wasn't even notified of the parole hearing during which parole was granted to Betsy Ramos.