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Massachusetts Trooper Shot in Hand, Suspects at Large

The round went through his hand and was stopped by the trooper's body armor, preventing additional injury.

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MA Officer Fatally Shoots Knife-Wielding Man in Apartment

Three Winchester police officers responding to the unit. In the apartment they reportedly found a man holding two knives.

Massachusetts Officer Rescues Trapped Skunk Without Getting "Skunked"

An officer with the Tewksbury (MA) Police Department managed to rescue a skunk over the weekend whose head was trapped in a plastic food container without being "skunked."

Massachusetts Department Announces Retention of Seasonal Officers

The agency said in a written announcement that the seasonal force—consisting of 12 officers—patrol duties usually end after Labor Day, but "as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic their duties have been extended into the fall."

Massachusetts Officer Indicted in Fatal OIS

An officer with the Reading (MA) Police Department has been indicted for allegedly shooting a man at a call for service in February 2018.

Massachusetts Officer Recovering from Dog Attack

An officer with the Carver (MA) Police Department is recovering from a dog bite he sustained while responding to a call for service on Saturday.

Family of Fallen Massachusetts Officer Urges Support for Police

The family of Officer Sean Collier the MIT Police Department—who was killed in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings—is urging the public to support law enforcement.

4 Massachusetts Officers Injured in Wild Vehicle Pursuit

Four officers with the Boston Police Department were injured as they pursued a man in a minivan over the weekend. All four officers are expected to fully recover from their injuries after being treated and released from a nearby hospital. Following the arrest, police seized six firearms from the vehicle as well as a substantial sum of cash and more than 150 rounds of ammunition.

MA Officers Successfully De-Escalate Suspected "Suicide-by-Cop" Incident

Responding officers discovered the man had three knives and was making aggressive movements toward them, police say. Multiple officers and a K-9 were called to the scene

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Massachusetts Trooper Dies of Injuries 2018 Traffic Stop Crash

On the day of the incident, Devlin was on patrol and stopped a car on Route 3 in Billerica, state police said. While outside his cruiser, he was struck by another car that drifted into the breakdown lane.