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Massachusetts State Police Briefly Tested Robot Dog

The Massachusetts State Police reportedly tested a robot dog produced by Waltham-based Boston Dynamics for three months from August to November.

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Massachusetts State Police Superintendent Announces Retirement

“I leave this job with the satisfaction of knowing that I gave it my heart and soul, under the most trying of circumstances,” Gilpin wrote in her letter.

Massachusetts Trooper Wins Lawsuit Over Disputed Report

A Trooper with the Massachusetts State Police who refused to rewrite an arrest report about a judge's daughter has been awarded $40,000 and vindicated for his actions in a written letter that declared his report was "consistent with [his] training and experience and reflected reasonable professional judgment."

Massachusetts Officer Suffers Wound from Accidental Discharge

An officer with the Cambridge (MA) Police Department reportedly suffered a gunshot wound to the leg due to an accidental discharge of their sidearm.

Harvard Student, Officer, Recreate 15-Year-Old Photo

When Crystal Wang was three years old, she was photographed with Officer Charles Marren on the Harvard campus. Some 15 years later as a member of the Class of 2023, the two were reunited and recreated the image.

Massachusetts Officers Find Amazon Packages, Deliver Them

After a stash of delivery boxes from online retailer Amazon were found in a local cemetery, responding officers with the Burlington (MA) Police Department set about the task of delivering them to their intended destinations.

MA Police Searching for Thieves Who Burglarized Fallen Officer's Home

Police in Massachusetts are still searching for thieves who burglarized and ransacked the home of an officer who died suddenly in June.

Off-Duty Massachusetts Officer Dies Unexpectedly

An off-duty officer with the Beverly (MA) Police Department unexpectedly died in his home on Saturday, the agency announced on Monday.

Massachusetts Officer Rescues Skunk—Gets Sprayed in the Process

An officer with the Cambridge (MA) Police Department was reminded that no good deed goes unpunished as he rescued a small skunk with a small yogurt cup stuck to its head and was promptly sprayed in the process.

2 Massachusetts Officers Injured, Civilian Driver Killed in Vehicle Collision

A Massachusetts man was killed and two Rutland (MA) Police Department officers were injured in a head-on collision Friday evening.