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Florida Fire Marshals Shoot, Kill Looter Attempting to Steal Police Car

A man suspected of looting in hurricane-ravaged Panama City, FL, was shot and killed after he attempted to steal a police car, according to WEAR-TV News.

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2 Florida Looters Arrested for Stealing Power Pole

Two men were arrested Wednesday after an officer found a utility pole strapped to the top of a vehicle in Jacksonville, FL, days after Hurricane Irma spawned severe flooding in the city.

Miami Police Ramp Up Patrol to Combat Post-Irma Looting

Miami police ramped up patrols in city streets to crack down on looting after Hurricane Irma, working overtime to nab the thieves impeding recovery efforts as residents attempt to return to normalcy after the deadly storm.

2 Suspects Arrested After Trying to Loot Orlando Gun Store During Irma

The other suspect was taken into custody after some members of the Orlando SWAT team deployed gas in the store.

Florida Police Warn Looters About “Bad Life Choices”

Authorities in Florida warned residents that "going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice" following a series of burglary arrests as Hurricane Irma was slamming the state with heavy rains and winds.

Baltimore Officers Seriously Injured in Riot

Students and other people were throwing rocks and bricks at Baltimore officers in riot gear today. Police say seven officers were seriously injured in the melee, some with broken bones.

Video: Officers Use Tear Gas on Angry Crowd Protesting Missouri OIS

Monday night in Ferguson, Mo., near the site of an officer-involved shooting that killed a reportedly unarmed 18-year-old man, officers in riot gear lobbed tear gas at angry crowds. There were 15 arrests but no reports of looting.

Calif. Officers Quell Brawl at Surfing Event

Huntington Beach (Calif.) Police officers arrested seven people, including a man who struck an officer with a skateboard, during a wild melee Sunday after the U.S. Open of Surfing.

How to Cope with Looters

The looters hit the gun stores in New Orleans first, loading up with rifles and ammunition to better fend for the crimes to follow. Then they descended upon other stores. Before long, they moved from the business districts to nearby residences. And what Hurricane Katrina hadn’t ravaged or left destroyed, they did.