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Immigration Enforcement

Border Patrol Not Welcome at CA College's Job Fair

he U.S. Border Patrol was disinvited from a job fair at a local college in San Jose, California, after a group of activists protested its planned presence and organized a rally for during the fair.

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President Trump Declares National Emergency to Fund Border Wall

The president on Friday took executive action—declaring a national emergency—to spend $8 billion for the border wall he has promised since his campaign.

President Trump to Chiefs, Sheriffs at National Conference: "The Wall is Coming"

President Donald Trump delivered remarks to the Major County Sheriffs and Major Cities Chiefs Association Joint Conference in Washington on Wednesday, saying during his speech that "the wall is coming."

Portland City Council Votes to Leave Joint Terrorism Task Force

In a 3-2 vote, elected officials in Portland, OR voted to withdraw the Portland Police Bureau from the national Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Texas State Officers Line the Border in Small Town to Stop Caravan of Immigrants

With the impending arrival of about 50 buses filled with immigrants form Central America, Texas Governor Greg Abbott reportedly sent about 500 Texas DPS officers to the small town of Eagle Pass, where the caravan was expected to cross the border.

Is a Rational, Reasonable Approach to Immigration Enforcement Possible?

Following the murder of Corporal Ronil Singh, elected officials and law enforcement leaders across California are pointing to legislation friendly to illegal immigrants as the reason an illegal immigrant was able to murder the officer in cold blood.

California Sheriffs Blame Sanctuary Law for Officer's Murder

In the wake of the murder of Newman police officer Ronil Singh, elected officials and law enforcement leaders across California are pointing to SB-54—which prohibits local authorities from sharing information with ICE about certain criminal activity committed by undocumented immigrants—as the reason Gustavo Perez Arriaga was able to murder Singh.

New Jersey AG Limits Immigration Enforcement Duties for Local Police

Under the new policy, police in New Jersey can no longer stop, search or detain any individual over immigration status and detain immigrants at the request of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE—except in cases of serious or violent crimes or final deportation orders.

ACLU Sues Boston Police Department for Access to Gang Database

The ACLU and other groups seeking access to the database say that they want to know the demographic background of people in the system—such as race, age, local ZIP code, and nationality.

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Paying the Price

The migrant caravan brings us multi-faceted problems and costs, and the substantial financial impact should not be ignored.